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Use #25 and #26 The Book Band-It is great for “a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils” and for organizing Back To School Stuff

Posted by Kathy BeMiller on August 28, 2014  /   Posted in Uncategorized



Summer is drawing to an end, and SCHOOL IS NOW IN SESSION for many of you. The buzz around our house is loud, as is the buzz inside my head nagging at me that I might just forget something. New routines, assignments, and websites to keep track of, make for dizzying evenings and mornings. Every year the teachers do it a little differently than the teachers from the year before. To keep all of the information straight, and in one place so it isn’t forgotten is made easier for me using The Book Band-It.

Folders from Parent/Teacher night that list all of the expectations for your child for the year, sign up sheets with dates and permission slips and forms for field trips. All of this can get quite messy sitting on one’s counter top…but when I wrap it together with The Book Band-It, organization is possible.

I also am a member of the PTO, those notes can get lost too, so I keep mine on a clip board with the Book Band-It around it to hold pencils and pens. There is always someone at a meeting who forgets one, so I like to carry a few just in case.

In this world of technology and online communication, it is true that we still do need paper sometimes. Teachers need to send things home, students need to show their work. At the end of the day, regardless of how far we have all come in a paperless world, when we do have papers and need pens and pencils, it is nice to be able to keep them all together in one place without having to dig around for them or have them fall out of their folders.

One of my Favorite movies of all times is You’ve Got Mail. It makes me smile and is always a great pick if I’m down or need a little happy brought into my day. One of my favorite lines from the movie describes fall, highlighting it in memory with a connection to school supplies and pencils……. with “a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils”.

So for all of you, happy back to school….



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