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Use # 12 The Book Band-It is great for Summer Readers

Posted by Kathy BeMiller on May 27, 2014  /   Posted in Uncategorized


Summer Is Here! For many of us Summer feels like a miracle this year. The winter was so long and now that we have celebrated Memorial Day, summer is in the air and we are ready to relax. For many of us, relaxing includes a great book. Whether we are reading our book poolside or relaxing after a long day of work or reading before bed…it is a nice escape.

I have been reading John Green’s Looking for Alaska. John Green is an awesome author, and the way he describes events makes you the reader feel the characters. In this book he also quotes many famous and not so famous last words, from biography’s his main character reads. I have been highlighting many of these as I read and having my highlighter in my Book Band-It, around my book helps me to do this.

My daughters have also already gotten a start with their Summer Reading program at the local library. The Book Band-It makes a wonderful book strap to keep Library Books together. It makes it easier for them to carry the books in and out of the library as well.

Whether you have summer reading that is mandatory for school…or your child has a summer reading program at the local library for rewards…. or you are just reading to enjoy some summer down time….The Book Band-It can be a useful tool.

Use # 12 The Book Band-It is great for Summer Readers.


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  1. gail November 10, 2014 3:00 pm / Reply

    I am looking for something to keep a sketchbook closed – measures 12 inches high, 8 across and 3 deep. will your product fit it? I love the idea of being able to keep pencils with it too! If it fits, this is just what several artists I know need!

    • Kathy BeMiller November 10, 2014 5:07 pm / Reply


      Thank you for contacting us about The Book Band-It. We have tried this product on sketchbooks and believe it will work perfectly for you. It is very versatile and stretches nicely around this size book and others. If you do purchase…we would love to here how you like this product especially for this use. Thanks so much

      The Book Band-It

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