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Use # 40 The Book Band-It Around The Bible or other Holy Books

Posted by Kathy BeMiller on March 04, 2014  /   Posted in How To's, News

Bible Book Band-It 2      Bible Book Band-It

In the last post, I talked about following The Book Band-It on it’s journey in the months to come and how it can be used in different ways.

With Great Lent starting for Christians across the world, I was reminded by a church newsletter…. of daily readings that I can review during lent. The newsletter listed the daily passages for each day of lent.

The past few years, as my children have gotten old enough, I keep trying to remind myself to read these passages daily during lent. The dinner table would be a great place to review them with my family in hopes of keeping us in the spirit of lent. But often I forget or it is cumbersome to search each passage on my phone while at the dinner table. It can be hard to decide which online Bible to use…. or too.

I suppose there is a Bible App that I could put on my phone, and maybe one that would follow the Greek Orthodox Churches calendar so that it could be simpler. But sometimes the simplest thing is to have THE BOOK itself in hand.

So…this Lent…I am going to have my Bible in the kitchen with me.  The Book Band-It will be around my Bible holding a pen and a highlighter so that I can make notes in it. It fits perfectly around my Bible and it got me thinking how helpful it would be for those who do Bible Studies throughout the year, or for Priests who may carry a Bible with them all the time.

Use # 40 The Book Band-It is wonderful around The Holy Bible and/or any religious book like The Tanach or Torah and the Quran.  It is great for keeping pens, pencils, highlighters or even a ruler (to help you to follow on the correct line when reading those small words). Throughout the year, keep The Book Band-It around your holy book or Bible.

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