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About Us

I am Barbara Velonis and I created thebookband-it ®

I am a constant, avid Sudoku and Crossword puzzle solver and I always have a puzzle in my purse or near at hand.  But, I kept misplacing my favorite Sudoku and Crossword puzzle pencils and pens.
Book Band-It with pens and rulerIf I tucked them into the book’s fold/gutter, they usually slid out to the floor or to the bottom of my purse.  Or the pen or pencil would be upstairs when I was downstairs or in the deep crack of the chair…..very irksome!  I needed a better way to keep my pen and pencil with my books.

I tried several different solutions, mostly variations of the old plastic ‘pocket protectors’…….you remember those which held the old slide- rulers. Then I remembered the black, elastic band my grandfather used to keep his Sunday School notes in his Bible, though it didn’t have the pencil loops. But we do underline favorite verses in our Bibles, so loops to hold pens and pencils would be handy.  I made a few prototypes of the black elastic bands with pencil loops and was quite pleased with ‘my invention’.  And it worked very well!

Acquaintances, friends and family members were impressed and excited and asked for samples. So, I made some more!

I soon discovered more uses for thebookband-it®. It was super around my cookbooks, holding recipes and a pencil to make notes.  My husband wanted one for choir notes on his sheet music.  It was great keeping my drawing pencils with my sketch book.  I now have a tablet pc and use one around it to hold the recharging cords.  I took the big step and started the U.S.Patent application; my Patent Attorney helped me find a Manufacturer Representative.

My very wise and clever manufacturer rep, Konfirst Consulting, LLC., thought up the third loop to hold a highlighter for student text books. My son-in-law, Ryan BeMiller  is helping with my Web Site.  My daughter, Kathy BeMiller , logistics, does my Marketing and Sales.  And, I get to spend all of my time with my Sudoku puzzle books.

I hope you find thebookband-it® as helpful and with as many uses as I have.

Owner/Inventor thebookband-it®  Barbara Velonis

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